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Parrot Cay

Peacefulness, Discretion and Nature’s Bounty

parrot cay

It is believed that the original name of this high, well watered island was Pirate Cay. Local legend has it that in the 1720's, the celebrated pirate, Ann Bonny, came here when her Captain, Calico Jack Rackham, was hung by the authorities in Jamaica. In the 18th century, Parrot Cay was also home to the Stubb brothers who had plantations on North Caicos.

A 35 minute boat transfer from the private marina on the main island of Providenciales and you will escape to a world promising what money will never buy; peacefulness, discretion and nature’s bounty.  This includes 1,000 unspoiled acres, a mile of dust-white sand, wetlands rich with birds and a turquoise ocean bristling with marine life.  To this COMO resorts has added exclusive facilities which have become a favorite of celebrities and movie stars.  Parrot Cay Resort includes understated hotel rooms, beach houses and villas with private pools, a world class centre for holistic wellness as well as some of the Caribbean’s most memorable cuisine.

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