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Middle Caicos

The Largest Island in Turks & Caicos

Middle Caicos Turks and Caicos

The largest island in the Turks & Caicos chain, Middle Caicos has an area of 48 square miles with less than 300 residents making for a very peaceful way of life.  Middle Caicos is a very lush island suitable for agriculture, from medicinal herbs to majestic fruit trees, cassava, okra and guava, tamarinds, sapodillas and sugar apples, to name just a few. Middle Caicos is known for bonefishing flats in the calm backwaters between the islands.  It is said that the most flavorful seafood comes from the deep waters surrounding Middle Caicos.

The three communities on Middle Caicos are Conch Bar, Lorimers, and Bambarra. The settlement of Bambarra was established on the north shore of Middle Caicos in 1842 by survivors of the shipwreck of the Gambia, a Spanish slave ship bound for Cuba. "Bambarra" refers to the Bamberra people who lived on the shores of the Niger River in West Africa.

Middle Caicos still remains undeveloped with only a few guest houses and villas for rent.  For investors who enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, select beachfront and oceanview land parcels are available for building a quiet Caribbean hideaway.

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