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Published Monday, April 8, 2013 Updated on Monday, April 8, 2013

TCI to Study Viability of Migratory Fish Species

Turks & Caicos News

Turks & Caicos News

TCI to Study Viability of Migratory Fish Species - April 2013

The Department for Environment and Maritime Affairs (DEMA), Ministry of Environment and the Office of the Governor have made public their support of a study into the viability of a pelagic fishing industry for the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).

According to a media release by DEMA April 4, the study will identify opportunities for diversification of the local fishing industry and is consistent with the Government’s stated policy to seek ways to diversify the TCI economy. "The study is an important first step and will provide scientifically gathered data to allow the government to make informed decisions on the future direction of policy and legislation to support the fishing industry," the statement read.

The study is being funded by a grant from the UK. The terms and conditions for the study have been developed according to scientific principles, are focused solely on pelagic or migratory fish species, and will be monitored and managed by DEMA. The results of the study will be made available to the public after the research is completed and the findings are analysed.

The driving force behind this study is Caicos Pride, a Belonger-owned South Caicos company, which is seeking to help the industry diversify away from its reliance on conch and lobster fishing into other areas that are currently not utilised. The company has partnered with Day Boats Seafood of Florida that will provide the boats and data gathering equipment to support the study.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office said they continue to support efforts to diversify the TCI’s economy, especially those that may offer sustainable solutions for development.


Written by Turks & Caicos Free Press Newspaper, April 4, 2013.