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South Caicos

The Big South, Turks & Caicos Islands

Sailrock R2 Villa

Located 40 miles from Providenciales across the Caicos Bank and 25 miles from Grand Turk across the Columbus Passage, South Caicos has the finest natural harbor in the country. From 1850 to the 1960’s, South Caicos produced salt in the vast salinas that cover a large part of the island and exported most of the salt produced in the Turks & Caicos Islands. Many of the historic salt-era buildings in Cockburn Harbour, including private homes and government buildings, are still standing in spite of assault by time and the hurricanes of 2008.

South Caicos, perched close to the Turks & Cacios’ most productive fishing grounds, the harvesting of lobster, conch and scale fish emerged to drive the economy, with several seafood processing plants currently in operation in Cockburn Harbour.

Known for excellent scuba diving, deep sea fishing and bone fishing, South Caicos is one of the smallest islands at 8 square miles of coral rock.  Visitors find South Caicos to be a quiet community of approximately 1200 friendly people with an interesting history and intriguing scenery worth exploring.  The waters are pristine and full of sea life including dolphins, manta rays, eagle rays, giant grouper, turtles, a wide variety of sharks and the infamous migrating humpback whales during the winter months.

The newest development for vacation homes is Sailrock which is located on the Peninsula Passage with grand elevation, cooling trade winds and unsurpassed ocean views.

Sailrock, South Caicos, R2 Villa, eco-friendly, energy efficient, currently under construction.

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